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For thousands of years, the dogs have been with us. On the process, we have developed bad, terrible, and horrible . There are many bad names that you can make a long list. Here are some possible bad ideas.

Some like to most popular names. The dogs are social animal. They like to be in a pack. When you want to call your , you might get more than what you expect. If there are duplicate names, you may get one or few more dogs. In addition, there may be several . They want to call their dogs. Your dog can easily get confused.

You will be able to find websites to find popular names that was used and recorded. In many cases, the names was ranked and reviewed by other fellow dog owners. The top five male dog names are Max, Bear, Buddy, Rocky, and Buster, while the top female dog names are Lady, Princess, Baby, Star, and Lucy.

The commands that you are going to train to your dog are also worth to consider. Dogs will get confuse between command and . It will be hard for the dogs to distinguish. It is up to the dog to obey and come to you. Here are popular commands: stay, sit, lay, jump, run, walk, play, eat, bark, bite, heel, and sleep.

You need to careful with names which is very similar to the commands. If the rhymes with the command, the name may be bad as well. For example, Pitt, Pit, Bit, Fit, and Grit sounds very close to the command sit. Another, Ray, Mae, Jay, and May sounds similar with the command lay or stay. Barky and Barkley does not rhyme with the command bark, but the names are very close in spelling.

The dog name represents the dog and owners. If the name symbolizes negative, we may feel negative to the dog and owners. The negative emotions and feelings for the name may transfer to the dog owners. Suddenly, the dog owners may feel negative.

For example, a dog owner may use Killer, and Butcher as dog name. It is not too bad as a name. It is actually symbolizes strength, power, influence, and brave dog names. However, somebody may feel fearful from the dog. And, they might avoid socializing with the friendly dogs.

Choose a dog name which is easy for the dog to recognize. The dogs may have an enhance sense of hearing, but the dog owner may have to call the dog a few times in order to get the attention of the dog. We can choose multiple syllable dog names to make the name easy for dogs. For example, Fido, Cooper, and Angel are multiple syllables.

Many food names have become dog names. Sometimes, it does not take much to confuse between food and name. You can be the judge. For example, Bean, Apple, Bagel, Muffin, and Candy are name of a food. As you can see, the name of food can easily be a name.

To name a dog is one of the fun parts when you adopt or own a dog. There are many dog names. And, there may never be a bad or terrible name. It all depends in our preferences. Each dog owner may have different parameters for a bad dog names.

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Dennis Estrada owns and operates the dog names, origin dog names, and dog names meaning website.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included.

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