The Importance Of Proper Poodle Grooming

by Lisa A Collins

There are so many different breeds of dog to choose from that it can often be overwhelming trying to decide on a particular breed to get as a pet. are definitely one of the first that should be considered however, because they have so many desirable features. They are quiet, even-tempered, loving dogs and make great , even when there are young children.

There are certain aspects to Poodles that should be taken into consideration however before one goes ahead and gets one for a pet. is one thing that requires a lot more time and effort than grooming with other breeds of dog.

Poodles are very high maintenance and because they have such long and unique coats of fur, it will take a lot more time to get and keep them clean and looking at their best. Their hair in particular will take a lot of work but there are many other aspects involved in as well.

Of all the different components included in basic Poodle grooming one of the most important involves dealing with their runny eyes. As a rule, Poodles tend to have very runny eyes, and this does not mean that they were bred improperly or that they are sick. This is just a problem that is common among Poodles and which must be dealt with otherwise the tears from their eyes will end up staining the fur around them.

There are various different tearstain removal products that are available on the market these days, but there is also always the option of making tear stain removal home remedies. The ingredients that need to be used for these remedies can be dangerous and harmful to the dog however if not mixed and used properly, so the safest bet is to go with the commercially made formulas that can be found at pet supply stores.

No solution should ever be splashed into the dog’s eye or allowed to wick through the facial hair into the eye area because this can be very harmful to the dog. It is easy to see that the Poodle grooming process is one that requires a lot of time and a lot of skill. A Poodle hair cut can take practice and patience.

Most pet Poodles are maintained with a short all over cut that keeps them cute and free of mats. Poodle must have hair cuts that meet very exacting standards and should only be done by professional groomers. But a simple, short cut makes regular grooming like bathing and brushing take very little time.

Owners should keep in mind that there are professional dog groomers out there who will be able to help out here and do the work of grooming your Poodle. There will be a fee for this of course but to most owners it is well worth it and this is not only to have someone take the work out of their hands but also to make sure that it has been done right. Especially because of their long and unique coat, Poodles require special and regular grooming in order to stay looking and feeling at their very best.

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