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-E- is a durable programmable tag that holds a HUGE amount of information about your pet. We were first attracted to the product by its versatility. Due to the amount of information we could enter into a single tag, it eliminated the need for multiple tags clanking together noisily on each of our dogs. Besides being able to enter our names, address, phone numbers, license numbers, etc., we were also able to put in notes for our elder dogs such as “My name is Mia, I require medication,” and “I can’t hear and am afraid of sudden movements.” This gave us comfort knowing that, if they were ever lost, whoever might find one of our pets could better understand and meet their needs until we could pick them up. We also programmed a note saying there would be a reward if the pet was found, making it more likely for someone to return them to us.

Additionally, we like the fact that it is a simple matter to program new information into the tag at any time. This eliminates the need for us to buy new tags every time we have a change in any of the contact information or in one of the dogs’ medical needs. The information is viewable by pushing a button, and the battery life is rated for 2 years, though ours haven’t run out yet.

The tag itself is a little more than an inch across and very lightweight, so it is just as comfortable for our
little dogs to wear as for the large ones. They also come in several great colors, and are definitely durable! Our youngest , a Boxer, is extremely active and pretty rough on anything she wears. -E-tag has survived rolling, scratching, being caked with mud, and rain torrents (she loves water!) without a problem. We even rinse the tag off when it gets looking too grungy.

All in all, these tags are one of the best products we’ve encountered in a long time, and definitely worth
every penny of their purchase price.

To learn more about -E-Tag and other useful dog supplies, visit Puppycoat Junction

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CE has expanded its portfolio with the addition of . This vending machine of sorts automatically dispenses , or permanent identification tags. This brand new product for March is exclusively from Dedem. What sets this machine apart from the competition is that it is the only dog tag machine to use the embossing system. The practical, personalized user-interface machine offers many exciting backgrounds. And a touch screen anti-vandal system allows customers to make their own ID tags in just a few minutes, and engrave them on embossed steel tag in a matter of seconds. The machine is fast and intuitive, and will be the new must-have for your location. The vending machine is suitable for any location: a family entertainment center, an amusement park, a mall, an airport, and tourist attractions…the possibilities are endless!
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Stainless Steel Engravable Heart Pet Tag

Stainless Steel Engravable Heart Pet Tag. This tag not only looks great but it’s stainless steel and enamel design makes for a very durable and reliable accessory that your pet needs in the event that they are lost. Directions for Engraving – We recommend putting only necessary information on the tag so it can be read easily if your pet is lost. We will contact you immediately for editing if your requested text does not fit Small – 3 lines, 50 each line Medium – 3 lines, 50 characters each line Large – 4 lines, 50 characters each line – Please list exactly how you would like your tag engraved in the box to the right and double check that the text is correct before you add the item to your shopping cart. If you need to make any edits you will need to delete the item from your shopping cart first and then go back and add the item and text again. – Unfortunately we cannot accept any special characters (for example: #, &, *). – If you would like to order 2 of the same exact tag where the size and color or shape are the same, but with different text to be engraved, you must submit 2 separate orders. Due to the personalized nature of this item, all sales are final.
List Price: $ 16.00
Price: $ 14.00

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