Q&A: What is the most you would pay for a deluxe dog kennel?

Q&A: What is the most you would pay for a deluxe dog kennel?

Question by corporatetrade: What is the you pay for a dog ?
I was considering opening a cage free . Services provided would be Boarding & Grooming. The dogs would have plenty of outdoor time and would be treated like family..If you were going on vacation and you couldn’t take your dog, what is the most you would pay daily before you say NO WAY!

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Answer by xtaintedLOVE
I wouldnt pay more then 50$ a day. You can also google some other doggy daycare type places and look at their prices to see how much on average you would charge.

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    • ladydi_1987
    • August 25, 2012

    We have medical issues with our dogs, so we’re used to paying close to $ 100/day to have them boarded. Otherwise I wouldn’t go beyond $ 50 or $ 60.

    • Meghan H
    • August 25, 2012

    $ 70 a day

    private rooms with private outdoor areas for each dog
    3 times a day walks by a person
    pool (heated)
    LOTS of toys
    acupuncture (available, can be extra)
    Massage (available, can be extra)
    Separation of sizes (large/small/medium)
    constant supervision
    Chef to prepare meals off a dog menu (selected by owner)
    On-site vet / vet on call anytime
    raised beds
    heated rooms
    Professional grooming
    Dog training (available, can be extra)
    Animal communicator (available, can be extra)

    Yeah, that would be the best place ever

    • Jessica T
    • August 25, 2012

    $ 50-$ 80 would be good… then you could compete with other places which charge over $ 100s. Plus if they get some grooming done you can offer different packages so they get discounts, and even a 50% discount if they board two dogs together from the same family.

    • allyalexmch
    • August 25, 2012

    $ 50 a day would be my maximum. Any more would start costing more then my hotel.

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