Q&A: What foods can i give my dog everyday instead of dog food?

Question by : What can i my dog of dog ?
I've started to make for my new dog because she refuses to eat any kind of . My dog loves to eat carrots, apples, cabbage and rice. Are these foods ok to give my dog? And are there anymore vegetables that most dogs like? Thank you xx

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Answer by Megan Workman
I feed my dog peanut butter. It's healthy, & helps them gain weight.

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    • mrfoltz
    • August 22, 2012

    And lab rats, monkeys, cow/pig/sheep hooves, intestines, brains, blood, sawdust, motor oil…etc….

    • Turbochargedss
    • August 22, 2012

    so do you think we can survive without meat? because i know a small part of the world with people who eat only raw natural food and they live to be 130+

    • Solowizard
    • August 22, 2012

    It’s amazing how stupid people have become. They forget that their pet cats and dogs are carnivores that eat other animals.

    Your pet dog or cat will be far more healthier and live longer on a diet of feeder rats and mice from the local pet shop, and or wild deer and rabbit caught in the woods than the garbage that mostly appeals to humans at a grocery store.

    • SuperCheesetastic
    • August 22, 2012

    You forgot the fact that many commercial pet food companies source their ingredients from foreign countries and support unfair trade and unfair labor.

    • janejane777able
    • August 22, 2012

    Never buy any dog food. YUK.

    • August 22, 2012


    • tamkins777
    • August 22, 2012

    I say NOW is the time to raise hell ALL pet lovers should come together and make are demands and expose it in every which way, scream and yell and STOP this NASTY, unholy, unthinkable, abuse! Even though they are dead doesn’t mean they have a right to feed dead animals to other pets…. thats unthinkable! LETS SPEAK FOR OUR FURRY LOVED ONES!

    • MarlenLife
    • August 22, 2012

    In the Equal Money System pets won’t be victims of human greed and will no longer have to consume by products of our own ‘food waste’ – Fascinating how even the ‘organic trend’ can only benefit a few pets whose ‘owners’ can afford such a lifestyle. All animals will be fed with equal quality food that you and I will eat as well. equalmoney. org – Join the effort from LIFE to support LIFE

    • 200991602
    • August 22, 2012

    Every aninmal must have a burial or cremation with dignity.

    • kinloy27
    • August 21, 2012

    Fresh pet food (meat rolls) have been around for longer than a decade!!
    They were created in New Zealand (not Australia) by the Roby family about 50 years ago, see bpf.co.nz It’s still the most popular type of pet food sold in New Zealand and they export it all over the place, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Japan, Egypt etc…

    • ReshZek200
    • August 21, 2012

    i couldn’t believe that they put/fill our pets food with EUTHANIZERS! WTF, Mars pet co.?

    • ReshZek200
    • August 21, 2012

    a burial? it’s a death by fire!

    • E. H. Amos
    • August 21, 2012

    Dogs tend to like snaps, spinach, kale, collards, etc & you can buy them chopped but frozen & simply microwave them warm, in order to feed them to the dog or you can puree fresh stuff. Adding a bit of Old Bay Seasoning to the veggies can also make them tastier for the dog. Dogs also like plain cooked sweet potatoes (a flavorful, low glycemic carbohydrate) & squash. You DO need to add a meat protein (not mentioned) and a source of adequate calcium.

    You can add a few blueberries but keep in mind that feral dogs & wolves don’t tend to eat fruit other than what is found in the stomachs of their prey. You don’t want to tax their pancreas with too much sugar, since the normal carnivore diet of meat & bone requires very little insulin for digestion. Brown or wild rice is much better for the dog, than white rice (more fiber, more nutrition, less sugar).

    • Gina
    • August 21, 2012

    No, its not okay. Dogs are omnivores, but they need the vast majority of their diet to be protein. If you insist on making your own dog food instead of just waiting for your dog to get hungry enough to not refuse normal food (like most reasonable owners!), you should start researching home-made or raw diets. Your dog CAN NOT subsist on the diet you’re talking about.

    • Jamira
    • August 21, 2012

    dried meat

    • Esme
    • August 21, 2012

    No its not ok. Your dog cant just eat vegetables. Your dog needs some meat in her diet!

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