Photo: Sumner Healey Antique Shop, 942 Third Avenue and 57th Street…

Shop, Third and 57th
dog doors
Image by New York Public Library
Digital ID: 482772. Sumner Healey Antique Shop, Third Avenue and 57th Street, Manhattan.. Abbott, Berenice — Photographer. October 08, 1936

Notes: Wooden Indian in buckskins, figurehead from the British battleship ‘Mars,' lawn furniture, stone , etc. in the door with gate, barbed wire. Code: I.A.5.

Source: Changing New York / Berenice Abbott. (more info)

Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.

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Question by Emma M: How do I get next doors dog to shut the hell up?
This dog is driving me mental. It's OK for hubby, he could sleep through a tornado. I'm worried that Baby will wake up, or that I'll never get to sleep!!

I'm going mad!!!
should have mentioned I'm in the UK and it's late at night here. Can't really go banging thier door down (although I feel like it, lol)

Best answer:

Answer by Jacen
I would talk to the neighbors, and if they refuse to listen, I would call the police about the disturbance.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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    • Lady Lip Lock :P
    • August 18, 2012

    Well i’d invite them over one day and just talk to them about it. Or go to their house.

    • Mrs.Bickhart
    • August 18, 2012

    Clearly if there dog is always barking, they havnt trained it right. And my guess is there one of those people who keeps there dog outside all day and night. Try talking to them, but I doubt it will work. You could try calling the aspca?

    • Lovebug <3
    • August 18, 2012

    try talking to the neighbor

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