Q&A: How do you remove residual dog cleaner from outside of dog’s ears?

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Question by QT in SoCal: How do you remove dog cleaner outside of dog’s ears?
I have a dog with , and he’s prone to infections, so I clean his ears once a week. The cleaner leaves the hair on the outside of the ears really slimy/waxy. How can i remove this? Thanks!
The cleaner i use is actual dog ear cleaner from , BTW 🙂
am already wiping the excess off with damp paper towel, cotton ball…nothing’s working.

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Answer by mystic
When you clean your dog’s ears do you by chance use a cloth to soak up the excess? Anyways, try to remove it with a wet paper towel.

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    • Sarah H
    • August 13, 2012

    my dog is a spaniel and a lab so she has floppy ears too and i just take a q-tip and clean the inside and then clean the outer side of the ear with gauze or napkins

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