Article: Maternal Aggression In Female Dogs

For , it is totally natural for them to be very much protective for the young ones. Most of the time, animals are naturally calm and submissive. When talking about the young ones, they totally become overly aware about their surroundings even with people. At some point, they could even think about hurting others once they saw that they threatened their young ones.

This thing could be very common for dogs, a female one could be very submissive, very neutral or dominating the males. She protects her puppies, most especially if the male ones are trying to snatch the foods. She will start snapping the male, starts barking and growling just to scare him off to leave the puppies in charge of his possessions.

Understanding the protective nature of female dogs, it is totally clear that she will not bear any form of outsider near her puppies. It is also natural that other animals respect female dogs whenever it is with its puppies. Simply try to avoid being its whelping area, as it could make the female to be really aggressive with anyone. You should also keep up your children away from the female and its puppies in times like this. This kind of aggressiveness is known as . It could also be directed into any animals or humans coming around the puppies or its nesting area.

She will do anything she wants to do just to protect the puppies. Once you made her really angry, she could start barking, growling,
She will do whatever she has to do to protect her puppies. If you are making her angry, she might start growling, barking, or even bite in defense of her little ones. This kind of behavior can be well understood as it is common in any female. When its offspring are still young enough to protect themselves, female dogs will be the one to take in charge.

So, if you own a female dog and it has little ones, it is crucial for you to consider avoiding them for some time. It is a not a thing to play with the little ones, as it will only make the adult growling and barking around. Keep in mind that female dogs could be aggressive and their behavior might change.

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