Article: Common Causes of Dog Illness and Symptoms

Looking at a healthy dogs playing around the house or backyard always make the owner happy. In reality we can't avoid and the best things the pet owner can do is to watch for the signs of .

There are many possibilities that can cause health problems for your beloved dog such as metabolic, viral, and bacteria etc. Getting the for dog is very important because many illness may have the same reactions but the degree of danger is totally different. Accurate diagnosis can be done by performing tests such as blood, fecal, and urine analysis. After the cause of illness is known then the appropriate treatments can be given. Taking your dog to check for illness at the early stage can save you a lot of expense, reduce risks and save your dog life in some case.

These are the common of dog illness and symptoms

1) sudden changes in the weather and surrounding temperature.

2) exposure to harsh climate.

3) Lack of exercises.

4) Lack of sleep.

5) Eating poor quality contaminated food.

6) Infected by diseases, worms and parasites. Mosquitoes can be the carriers of diseases and dangerous heart worms.

7) Incomplete or improper immunization shots.

8) Weak gene inherited from their parent.

9) Distress from many reasons and possibilities such as staying alone, lock up in cage, etc.

10) Allergy which can be seen from symptoms such as itching, biting skin, sore, hair falling etc.

1) Change in behaviours.

2) Unwilling to eat food.

3) Suddenly increase or decrease in weight.

4) unpleasant smell from your dog.

5) Diarrhea and liquid feces discharge.

6) Blood in urine.

7) Frequent vomiting.

8) Dry nose. A healthy dog has a wet and cold nose.

9) Breathing and respiratory problems.

10) Coughing.

11) Drinking too much water from possible problems such as diabetes, kidney and liver problems.

12) Redness discharge in the eyes.

The symptoms mentioned above are common symptoms for many diseases and illness. It is better to check with your local veterinarian because diagnosis of the illness by yourself can be inaccurate and dangerous which can take away the life of your dog if they are infected with dangerous parasites such as heart worms.

Dog is your best friend. Learn all the initial sign of dog symptoms in details at to help them when they get sick before it is too late. You can also find latest informations on dog illness symptoms


What is your childhood dog your favorite breed? Are you scared of pit bulls? Do you agree with the rest of America that the beagle is the best? Join our awesome team of dog bloggers in a conversation about breed biases.
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    • DeathMetal4Ever1
    • August 4, 2012

    Give me Pitbulls and Rottweilers any day. Labs are great dogs but they bite just like any other dog including pitbulls. I got bit in the face by a lab when I was 12, and brother got bit by a lab when he was 5. We also lived with a pitbull for 12 years and NOT one attack, bite, or even growl from him. Best dog in the world.

    • Brandonduboff
    • August 4, 2012

    if dogs bites, and a pitbull bites harder… look up the top ten strongest bite by breed. pitbulls and Rottweillers made up 50 percent of fatalities by dog bites in the CDC research. Just look up Pitt bull on google, and read wikipedia… BTW i like pit bulls, they are very cute dogs.

    • StoritzBill
    • August 4, 2012

    Mine is Goldendoodles!

    • cats4ever01
    • August 4, 2012

    German Shepherds are the best dogs ever! Pittbulls cant compare!

    • ionicafardefric
    • August 4, 2012

    Do all of you people have pure breed dogs? I own a mut. As I said in another video, it’s probably a cross between labdrador, boxer and 16 other dog breeds. And probably zebra, lol. Always acts like a hamster on coffeine, is pretty dumb and silly and likes to chew on all the wrong things -like the mail and his food bowl. But i love him and wouldn’t replace him, no matter what pure breed you would offer me

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