The Companionship Of An Older Dog

My husband and I have rescued of all ages over the years. Since we and want to help when we can, we always get our dogs from shelters and rescue groups. We have consistently found older dogs to be our favorites. Their gentleness and straightforwardness have always fit well into our hectic lives.

A at or above the age of eight is considered to be a senior dog. The great thing about adopting an older dog is that while they are far calmer than a younger dog, they are still healthy and enjoy playing.

In contrast to younger dogs, an older dog doesn't demand your attention all of the time. However, they do still like a regular routine just like a . Dogs are always happiest when they can rely on a regular schedule, regardless of whether they are an older dog or still a .

A regularly scheduled walk, regular feeding times and the opportunity to snuggle up to you while you read or watch television are ideal for your dog. Come up with a daily schedule which works for you and your dog and you will both be happy.

An older dog has a bit less energy than a , so they will spend a little more of their time sleeping. You may need to give your senior dog a little push to ensure that they receive enough exercise to stay in good shape.

Kids And Senior Dogs

If you are thinking of adopting an older dog but have small children, remember that older dogs (just like us when we get older) do have aches and pains, meaning that they may not exactly having children tackling them all of the time.

Parents should always teach their children to respect and them as they would want to be treated if their roles were reversed. If an older dog is a pet you'd like to take in, make sure that they are good with kids and can be relaxed in their presence. If the dog tries to escape from children, they likely will be uncomfortable around yours.

This does not by any means indicate that this older dog is a bad dog, merely that they are alarmed by their sudden movements or perhaps have been mistreated by children in the past. Families with small children should look for older dogs who walk up to children happily seeking to greet them.

Senior Dogs Have Little Chance For Rescue

It is very unfortunate, but most people overlook the older dogs when looking to adopt. Never realizing just how much these wonderful dogs have to offer. Their calm, gentle and grateful disposition makes them the perfect candidates for many families, single people and older people as well.

The only downside to adopting a senior dog is that you might not have the opportunity to spend as many years with them as you would like to. Yet, once you witness for yourself their undeniable gratitude and companionship, age no longer matters.

It is our hope that if you are thinking about , that you will please consider an older dog. Those gray muzzles are well worth a look.

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