Article: Tips on Creating a Meaningful Pet Urn Tribute Display

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a beautiful decorative around your pet urn can serve to be a healing part of the grieving process after losing a beloved pet. The first thing to consider is not whether or not to display a pet urn in a prominent place in your home, but rather “how” to display it. While it is an option to simply place your pet urn on a shelf, some people opt to engage in an entire symbolically decorative process when displaying their urn in their home.

In going through the process of selecting where to place your or cat urn and what items or objects to add to the display you will feel some of your pain lessen. Create an everlasting to the positive energy and joy that your pet added to your life and you will feel some of the joy returning to your heart. Then you will also always have this beautiful memorial to reflect on in moments of sorrow.

There are many different ways in which you can display your urn in a decorative manner. Since the urn itself is already decorative, with colors, patterns and shape, the next best way to add a decorative touch to your urn is to decorate the area around it. This works well if you’re displaying your pet urn on a mantle or some other place with space around it in your home.

You can weave artificial flowers around the urn to add a unique pet urn touch or display pictures of your pet, spanning the entire life of your deceased companion. You can also put some keepsake items from the pet memorial service around the unique pet urn or add favorite toys.

For example, if you had a dog, you might display some pictures of your dog from the time he was a puppy all the way until his most recent photos before his death. Additionally, you might place his favorite bone next to the dog urn for an added, personalized touch. You can do something similar for a cat or rabbit. Photos are always best because they are a timeless form of decorating and can blend well with any type of décor.

You can also keep the area stark and simple, with a few simple lights aimed strategically around your urn to put the focus completely on the design and meaning of the urn. This is another dramatic way in which your pet urn can be displayed in your home. Uplighting from beneath the urn always adds a beautiful touch.

Be as creative as you would like to be when decorating the area around your pet urn. It is up to you in terms of how you want to display your pet urn and how much time, creativity and design you want to put into displaying it. You don’t want your urn to be in an area where it won’t stand out; rather, you want people to see it and everything you have used to decorate around it so you can really display how much your pet meant in your life. After all, displaying your urn is a way to honor your pet and let everyone who comes into your home know exactly how much your pet means to you and the impact they had on your life.

Colleen Mihelich
Owner, Peternity… honoring your pet for eternity


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