Article: Dog Names For Chihuahua

Many families own a Chihuahua. It is one of the smallest breed. We will explore the pretty, cute, and good dog for the breed. Here are the in terms of color, origin, history, attribute, gender, and popularity.

The breed of Chihuahua got the from the state of Mexico called Chihuahua. It sits on the Northern Mexico. And, the state is just slightly bigger than United Kingdom. Chihuahua is famous as a desert land. However, the state has more forest than desert. The Texas of United States, Durango to south, Sinaloa to the south west, and Sonora to the west surrounds the state of Chihuahua. It also boasts a beautiful canyon that is bigger than Grand Canyon called Copper Canyon.

Since Chihuahua is a small breed, it is often on Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest dog. The Guinness Book recorded and Ducky as the smallest dog in the world at one time.

Kordak Slovakia is obviously from Slovakia.

Danka Kordak is one of long hair Chihuahua which is tan and fluffy. Danka is cute, pretty, good, and female Chihuahua. Danka measured 5.4 inches tall and 7.4 inches long. Lastly, Danka is a Hebrew dog name which means God is my judge.

Ducky literally looks like a small baby duck. It is probably the origin for the dog name. Unlike Danka, Ducky is a tan short hair Chihuahua. Ducky measured 4.9 inches tall.

The breed grows long or short fur. The short is like velvet or whisker look and feel, while long is fluffy and soft. Actually, the long fur breed sheds less than the short fur breed. The fur is usually solid in color like brown, red, cream, chocolate, black, blue, and white. Some may have spotting, brindles, sables, and markings.

In commercials, shows, and movies, the brown, red, chocolate, and cream are more popular.

The brown, red, chocolate, and cream colors are pretty close. It is all in the intensity of the red pigmentation. The dog names that relates to brown are Almond, Apple, Bronze, Cherry, Chestnut Chocolate, Cinnamon, Copper, Mango, Peanut, Penny, Peach, Persimmon, Hazel, Rusty, and Woody.

The names for a black dog are Coffee, Oreo, Mela, Melaney, Melania, Melanie, Melany, Tux, and Tuxedo. Without milk or cream, Coffee is black or dark brown in color. Then, Mela is a Greek and female dog name. It literally means black or dark. The variations of Mela are Mela, Melaney, Melania, Melanie, and Melany. And, the Tux and Tuxedo is usually black in formal event.

Rarely, we see a white Chihuahua. The names for white dog are Albus, Arjun, Bolt, Bianca, Blanca, Blanche, Cotton, Electricity, Gaenor, Gauri, Lightning, Luce, Ora, Misty, Nellie, Skah, Snow, Snowball, Spark, Svetlana, Winter, Yuki, and Yukon.

The names that mean little fit the cute and little breed. For example, Marcel means little Marcus. The variations of Marcel are Marcella, Marcello, Marcellus, and Marcelo. Some names means small too. Pablo is a Latin dog name which means small. The variations of Pablo are Paula, Paulette, Pauline, and Paulina.

Many families find the Chihuahua as good and best . We need a great name that matches the cuteness and prettiness of the breed. For more great names, you can the website with the color, , origin, history, and gender.

Dennis Estrada owns and operates female dog names, and male dog names website as a hobby.

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    • July 16, 2012

    what abaut female dog name: chikita
    male dog name:piti!!!

    • eden153100
    • July 16, 2012

    My wiener pups name is Yo-yo Princess Rosie Posie Hinton… No joke! Thanks 4 posting!

    • reininghorses57
    • July 16, 2012

    Xxx’z, O.Z., Reckless

    • STARskyfox777
    • July 16, 2012

    Good dog names: Tyler, Dylan, Cody, Bob, Michael, Jason, josh/Joshua, Chris, Brandon, Andy, Andrew, Alston, Bill/Billy, Charlie, Drew.

    • AlexLastVideos
    • July 16, 2012

    I used some of those names for naming my horses apple app called “my horse”

    • TvojaMAMA77
    • July 16, 2012

    My dog’s name is BUFI ;)

    • bootsay123
    • July 16, 2012

    I need Swedish.

    • Svetlana Cabreros
    • July 16, 2012

    How about Ace?

    • barrelracer965
    • July 16, 2012

    I named my yellow lab

    • ShatteredLollypop
    • July 16, 2012

    YOSHI! O_O

    • ela2219
    • July 16, 2012

    I am getting a new puppy next month and had to pick a name before i even picked one out

    • Beth88892
    • July 16, 2012

    My dogs called Mazz short for Marie

    • lilMiranda6
    • July 16, 2012

    I’m getting a puppy chihuahua soon, any ideas on what to name him?

    • ThyFireKing
    • July 15, 2012

    My dogs name is Disney

    • garcon31
    • July 15, 2012

    I love how you use ee instead of ie or y at the end of the names! I do that also!!Eg. Edee looks more awesome then, Edie, or Eddy! Very nice video! I wanna name my dog Charlee if it’s a boy, and Bijou for a girl. I REALLY want a Standard Poodle, but my mom’s not easy to convince………. 🙁

    • garcon31
    • July 15, 2012

    Our family dogs name is Molly…

    • kookiemonster64
    • July 15, 2012

    My name was said on this 😮

    • NikeKid99x
    • July 15, 2012

    These all suk

    • randomlyviding
    • July 15, 2012

    Im calling my dog naked so if some ask me what im doing ill say”im walking Naked outside”:)

    • chazainator2000
    • July 15, 2012

    my dogs name is baxter i love him SOOOOO much mini aussie….

    • PoptropicaPrincess1
    • July 15, 2012

    My dog is named Jak and he is black so we call him black jack :]

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