Photo: Ukas bilde/Photo of the week 12/2012

bilde/ of the 12/2012
dog mange
Image by Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway)
Ukens bilde er valgt ut av Gunn L?we, som er arkivar i Seksjon for brukertjenester i Riksarkivet.

"Ingenting er som ekte pusekatter!
Vi har mange (s)katter i arkivet, som disse to pusene fra 1954 funnet i privatarkiv PA-0797 Billedbladet N?. I arkivet til Billedbladet N? finnes bilder av mange dyr, saerlig av hunder som kan gj?re mange forskjellig ting. Men ingenting kan m?le seg med katter …som ikke gj?r noen ting.
Bildet er antagelig tatt i forbindelse med en reportasje om en svensk skuespillerinne Eva Henning, og er kanskje hennes to puser. Flotte er de uansett, der de sitter naermest arkivert i boksen sin."

Arkivreferanse: Privatarkiv PA-0797 Billedbladet N?/Ua/407 – Eva Henning, svensk skuespillerinne. N? nr. 2, 1954.
Foto: K?pke

Nothing is like real pussycats!
We have many treasures in the archives, like these two pussycats from 1954 found in private archive PA-0797 Billedbladet N?. In the photo archive of Billedbladet N? there are many photos of animals, especially of dogs that can do different things. But nothing compares to cats.. doing nothing! The photo is probably taken in relation to an article about a Swedish actress named Eva Henning, and is maybe of her two cats. They are either way wonderful, the way they are sitting almost archived in box.

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Question by : Will dunking my dog in motor oil get rid of his mange?
My friend tells me a cheap way to get rid of a dogs mange is to dunk him in motor oil. Is this true?

Best answer:

Answer by Shanna
No, that is an old wives tale. Plus, motor oil these days has a lot of additives that will poison your dog. Don’t do it.

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    • daldobie
    • July 9, 2012

    No, this could make him even more sick, but depending on what type of mange he has, the treatment is usually pretty inexpensive. I fostered a dog with horrible mange, he came with medication (ivermectin) that I squirted on his food for a few weeks and his coat grew in beautifully.

    There are a bunch of different treatments, but your vet needs to figure out what kind of mange it is first, usually with a skin scraping. Here’s an article from a veterinarian with more info on mange in dogs (they also say NOT to dunk dogs in motor oil.)

    If you’re short on money for vet bills, here are some ideas on getting help:

    • notyou311
    • July 9, 2012

    Absolutely not. That is animal cruelty. Mange is a very serious genetic skin disease. Ask your vet how to treat it. It may be incurable.

    • loonatikk
    • July 9, 2012

    no it’s a lie . to be honest that could probably kill your dog from the over dose of fumes and toxins ? don’t do that. if you wanna get rid of his mange just try using a shampoo with ‘tea tree oil’ in it it makes his mange go and it smells nice ? (take my advice your friend is retarded)

    • JOAN W
    • July 9, 2012

    No. It used to be used for treatment decades ago b/c of the sulfur that was in the oil at the time. Nowadays there isn’t any sulfur in the oil & easy treatment for mange depending on the type.

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