Article: Where to Find Dog ID Tags With Style!

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In the UK, dogs are legally required to wear so that they can be identified should they be lost or hurt. With around eight million dogs kept as across the country, it’s easy to see how difficulty can arise if an animal is found without a . Owners who love their dogs to look great can opt for one of a wide range of stylish , available for engraving and shipping worldwide.

Whatever your style, you can find a dog to match. The market for dog accessories is hug, from diamante-studded collars to clothing and toys, so it’s only natural that you want to find a distinctive tag that helps to identify your dog quickly and easily. come in a wide variety of styles and designs, including:

• Flags – why not get a tag with a flag? For people who love their country, a dog tag that has your national flag emblazoned on it is a great choice. With the other side blank for engraving your contact details, it’s a fun way to your dog.

• Bling – glittery are very popular, and come in a wide ranges of sizes and styles. From small hearts decorated with clear crystals, to paw shapes in coloured crystals and bones that glint in the sunlight, this type of ID tag is perfect for anyone who loves their dog to have a little bit of bling. All these tags come with plenty of space for bespoke engraving.

• Doggy tags – plain, yet cute, these are great for owners who want to show a little personality but don’t like to go over the top. Cut into shapes such as doggy heads, kennels, bones and fire hydrants, these are a great and affordable choice.

• Novelty tags – the equivalent of the message t-shirt, these dog tags are funky and fun. Messages include: “Am I cute or what?”, “I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy” and “Talk to the Paw”, you can match your tag with your dog’s personality!

Spottie Dottie offers a wide range of tags, leads and other equipment for your dog. Get your hands on a fantastic dog ID tag by visiting us today.


These awesome are made in North Carolina by Dog Tag Art. Checkout to get one.
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