I like: Blue and Brown Beads Leather Dog Collar

Blue and Brown Beads Leather Dog Collar

I like: Blue and Brown Beads Leather Dog Collar
and . This unique is handcrafted using the best and beadwork in Kenya, Africa. Decorated beautifully with and made functional with hand-forged, recycled brass. Purchase of these collars help to keep more than 80 residents of Takaungu village, located on the Swahili coast, employed. Sizing: XS: Fits necks 10-13 in. L x 3/4 in. W S: Fits necks 13-16 in. L x 1 in. W M: Fits necks 16-19 in. L x 1 1/4 in. W L: Fits necks 19-22 in. L x 1 1/2 in. W
List Price: $ 69.00
Price: $ 42.00

A compilation of some of the dog houses i have made. The latest and the greatest.
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Question by janice: where can i find dog houses and wich web-site plzz help me?
um i need i dog house fast and im l00king thru the enternet and cant seem to find enything can you give me some options plzzzzzz?

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Answer by Tammy
Check with a local shed building company or at petsmart !

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    • ashley
    • July 8, 2012

    you can find plastic ones at petco.
    but my dad made a doghouse with wood and everything. and then he painted it.

    • Nedra E
    • July 8, 2012

    Tractor Supply Company
    all major pet supply stores

    You can also check at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

    You can also build your own. I did one of cinderblock walls, a tarp under pressure treated wood pieces to make a rain resistant roof and down the back which was against the house. It was cheap, fast and worked just fine. I just left the front partially open.

    • faramarzh
    • July 8, 2012

    I’m with this guy! it’s fantastic! ;)

    • SuperGrooter
    • July 8, 2012

    is that what you do for a living? looks pro!

    • TheRahnama
    • July 8, 2012

    wow nice.. i will totally buy one from you when i get a dog ;D

    • AppolloSky
    • July 8, 2012

    lol heck i’d live in one of those they’re so nice xD

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