Q&A: I need on line dog or cat jokes clean please?

Question by scloflin: I need on line or cat clean please?
I work for a vet we r looking 4 jokes one liners can someone please help

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Answer by cockeyed_shot
Clean ones? No, sorry, can't help ya there.

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Don't ever teach your dog to talk, he might not ever shut up! showbc.com
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    • looks62
    • July 7, 2012

    it’s a fake but look like really

    • mariopianist
    • July 7, 2012

    i know one


    • mariopianist
    • July 7, 2012


    • ScarlettOBeara
    • July 7, 2012

    I love the last joke!

    • 1234righton
    • July 7, 2012

    I think… maybe this might be fake but… im not sure.

    • mikemilks
    • July 7, 2012


    • cherryhuai
    • July 7, 2012

    lol t oda last joke

    • MsRyanator
    • July 7, 2012

    lol i loved it but at the end he said s*h*i*t i saw this and i didnt hear the bad word and when i showed it to my dad i heard it and i was in trouble

    • kendriannicole36
    • July 7, 2012


    • 03Mansoor1086
    • July 7, 2012


    • miae403
    • July 7, 2012

    this is awesome! how do you do this? how could I go about creating a video with my dog and having her talk like this? thank u!

    • Nickidewbear
    • July 7, 2012

    Craig, Stan, or Cartman.

    • NatureSelectPets
    • July 7, 2012

    Too funny!

    • Rockcat
    • July 7, 2012

    Q. Did you hear about the Veterinarian and the Taxidermist who combined their business?
    A. Their slogan: “Either way you get your pet back.”

    • chp
    • July 7, 2012

    Look after your pet. Visit a vet.
    Why is Kentucky called the Colonel?
    Because his finger licking good.

    • ckdeacon
    • July 7, 2012

    I spilled spot remover on my dog…and now I can’t find him

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