Article: Symptoms of Dog Illness In More Detail

by pat millz

There are so many illnesses that the dog may need to face during its lifetime. Some of these illnesses are bacterial in origin, some are viral, and some are metabolic etc. for dog is the key in protecting the dog from the illness as some of the illness can result in death of the dog.If you are a watchful dog owner are always able to tell when their dog is ill. Early sick dog diagnosis can expand treatment options for you and help prevent further complications.

There are generally many ways of diagnosis of a dog's illness. Information about some the tests performed by veterinarian's. Blood test is the primary diagnosis for dog illness. Other very common tests that are conducted in the process to find out the cause of the illness. The analysis of sick dog urine is also essential for diagnosis for dog illness. Some other diseases can be detected by analyzing the urine sample collected from the affected dog. Intestinal diseases and parasitic infestations can be diagnosed by fecal examination.
When you are observing changes in your dog you can form a diagnosis of your dog's illness by noting any sudden or unusual changes in behavior patterns. If your dog seems unusually quiet, sleeps , is listless and depressed, eating less food, maybe seem disorientated? Have they been losing balance while getting up or while walking? If the answer is yes to any one of these, it could be a clear sign that there is a true problem pertaining too a physical, hormonal, and neurological disorder, definitely indicates it is time to go visit the vet.

Other sure signs your dog can be ill is when there happens to be any unpleasant smell, coloration or discharge in its feces and urine. There can be several causes, including digestive problems, urogenital tract infection, the presence of internal parasites like tapeworms, hookworms, heart worms, etc, some kind of intestinal obstruction, poisoning, allergies, glands inflammation, vaginitis, cancer, among others. Your vet will definitely want to have the blood, feces and urine samples analyzed in a laboratory to discover the exact cause.

like frequent vomiting and diarrhea can indicate anything from intestinal parasites to liver disease to cancer to exposure or indigestion of a poison or chemical, allergies, to enteritis and a host of other disorders.

Examine your pets coat and skin. do they have a lusterless coat, skin eruptions, and a tendency to frequently scratch or lick the skin don't point towards good health. In evaluation it may point towards the presence of parasites like mites and lice, bacterial and yeast infections, some kind of allergy, or towards a case of dermatitis actually. Consult your vet immediately. Skin problems in dogs are extremely unpleasant and often require long and sustained treatments.

In most cases a healthy dog has a wet, cold nose. A hot, or dry nose or discharge indicate infection or fever. If your dog is having trouble breathing or is drooling too much or is frequently coughing, the signs may point towards some kind of respiratory problems, cardiac problems, or canine filariasis.

Also be sure to check your dog's ears. There most likely is no need for concern if the dog doesn't keep scratching or shaking them all the time, if there is no discharge or unpleasant odor, if there are no foreign bodies or parasites, and if the skin looks clean and healthy. If your dog is drinking too much water, it could indicate diabetes, kidney and liver problems.

If your dog is limping, it could be a thorn or wound in the paw, arthritis, Lyme disease, tendinitis, or genetic problems like hip dysplasia or luxating patella. If you have anything in question with your take it to the veterinarian or a qualified specialist.

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dog health symptoms

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dog health symptoms

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Tatiana and Shakira put on a short “skit” about some of the kinds of misunderstandings people may have about a person who is coping with a hidden illness. Copyright © 2009 Dora EH Crow
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