Article: Dog Training: 7 Reasons Why You Should Do It Yourself

Reason 1:
Poor resulted in unruly which can be a serious nuisance and be destructive to the relationship between the dog and its owner.

Effective is essential for both a 's safety and the quality of life for both dog and its owner.

Would you take the risk of leaving the Dog Training to someone whom may not love your dog as much as you?

Reason 2:
Effective Dog Training must be consistent. Effective Dog Training Starts even while they are still puppies.

The Problems of Leaving them to , is that they might be trained by different Dog Trainer and this reduces the consistency, which might confuse the Dog.

Reason 3:
Effective Dog Training must be fun. Well, can you imagine how fun it is for an employee or Trainer in Dog have when in one day he or she has to conduct Dog Training for more than 5 per day

You get what I mean don't you? But if you do it yourself, you can make the Dog Training session much more fun both which will be enjoyed by your dog and yourself.

Reason 4:
Dog Training Creates Lasting Bonds between the Trainer and the .

Since it is your Dog, How would you like Your Dog to have a better relationship with the trainer instead of with you.

This can be disastrous.

That is why there is some cases where robbery occurs and the Dogs did not even bark or show any aggression, because the one that enter the house is known to the Dogs

Dog Training Yourself can create a much more satisfied relationship with your dog and thus beneficial for the dogs and its owner.

Reason 5:
Dog Training Session is costly and expensive while its effectiveness is very questionable at times.

The cost and frustration of Bad Dog Training is very very expensive. You have to pay a lot and at the same time it will aggravate the Dogs and Frustrate you.

Self Dog Training cost much lesser and if you do it right, it brings much pleasure and satisfation for the Dog and yourself.

Reason 6:
You know your Dog Better than anyone. You know when to train them at their most effective moment.

When your dog is down with sickness or is not having fun, you will be able to notice them, but where as a lot of Dog Trainer may not be able to notice them as they are just doing their job.

In addition to that, since Your Dog will be one of your best company,

Dog Training yourself will set your dogs to be familiarise with your habit and the environment and places you have in your life.

This will be a much fulfilling experience for both the dogs and the owners.

While in , Your dog will only be confined to one or few common of training.

When you bring the Dog back home, you will still need to train him to the environment of your life.

isn't it a waste?

Reason 7:
Effective Dog Training do closely related on the condition of the Trainer during the Dog Training Sessions.

You as Trainer know your own condition during the training better than anyone. If you are not feeling well or not in the mood for training because of some personal problem that happens in your life.

Then you can choose not to train your dogs during such situation

What about when those trainer in dog training school. When they are facing problem at home. Do they still need to train your dog?

Yes Definitely ….

Do you think it will be effective and good for your Dog?

So that's it, The 7 Reasons, Dog Training, why you should do it yourself?

One Fatal MisConception that most dog owner have, is: It is Difficult to Conduct the Dog Training Yourself….

Let me tell you that it is not as much difficult and troublesome as taking your dog to the Dog Training School. It is much worth the the risk in Dog Training yourself than leave it to people whom you may never know what they instill in your dog while training them.

For Free information on how to conduct your own Dog Training the Easy and Effective Ways, Proven to works in thousands of Dog Owners, Leo recommend you visit:


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    • brckctysfinest
    • June 27, 2012


    • MrsMissSwag
    • June 27, 2012

    Can someone please help? my puppy is very energetic and when i try this she jumps up and eats it. Any tips?

    • ReOmiXo3
    • June 27, 2012

    I SWEAR MY DOG DOES THE SAME THING! (he’s a german shepherd too)

    • ahmadwolfbenz
    • June 27, 2012

    yes; exctly

    • ahmadwolfbenz
    • June 27, 2012

    lol :))

    • xSweetJp
    • June 27, 2012

    what kind of treats should i use for this kind of training

    • Erin Courtney
    • June 27, 2012

    Even though some store bought treats are well liked, try using a pea sized piece of lean meat like turkey or chicken.

    • HowdiniGuru
    • June 27, 2012

    Thanks for chiming in with that tip! 🙂

    • HowdiniGuru
    • June 27, 2012

    Any kind should be fine. Usually a soft moist kind is best. That was you can break/tear it into a tiny piece. It is a treat (not a meal) and since you will be giving then frequently you do not want to fill him/her up with treats plus you do not want to diminish your supply. HTH

    • HowdiniGuru
    • June 27, 2012

    Ok, try this, Get her attention with the treat. Hold it in your closed fist. and hold your fist close to your chest and do a harsh argh! If she paused for a second, praise her and offer her you closed fist. as she sniffs around, open your palm for her to get it. That way you are in control. Be consistent. HTH.

    • wafflesRfood
    • June 27, 2012

    Can i have some helps please?When I put the treat over my dogs head she just backs up?

    • invibysen
    • June 27, 2012

    i have a 2month old rottweiler puppy and i taught this for a long time but she always wanna bite me and that bite is so strong9it hurts a lot).she never listens to me and i’m afraid that i won’t be able to teach her.please find me a solution 🙁 many thanks.

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