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Dear Lab owner,

As you know, Labrador Retrievers are extremely beautiful, active and intelligent . They make wonderful companions who undoubtedly will bring many years of joy to you and your family.

It’s important to your Labrador’s development that you learn how to positively channel your Labrador’s energy and intelligence so as to build a healthy bond between you and your Labrador.

In order for your Labrador to reach his or her full he must be given plenty of attention and most of all…training specific to the . This holds true for or even mature Labradors that never had the opportunity to be trained in a manner specific to their unique breed.

Having a healthy, happy, well behaved Labrador is an extremely rewarding experience. Your Labrador will respect you, protect your home and family and provide companionship like no other dog.

A well trained Labrador will truly be your best friend.

Unfortunately, the majority of Labradors never have the opportunity to experience the type of training required to bring out their full level of intelligence. The same holds true for the majority of Labrador owners…they never get to experience the full level of intelligence their Labrador is capable of…and therefore miss out on having a fully rewarding relationship with their Lab.

You see, the problem lies with the training material that’s currently available to Labrador owners, in that it’s not specific to the Labrador breed. In fact, most of the training material available today is based on techniques meant to train any and all dog breeds.

If you’re truly searching for the proper training methods for your Labrador, I strongly suggest against material claiming to train any and all dog breeds.


Simply because Labradors are different from other dog breeds. In fact, every dog breed is unique in the sense that they all react and respond to stimuli in different ways. That is what separates read more…

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Labrador Retriever Training For Behavior

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by sgoerin The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.   Training your Labrador according to the behavior must be the beneficial criteria for your Labrador behaving and it is for you too. These Labrador retriever are considerably intelligent, if trained with some positive reinforcement. This helps […]

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