How you know a dog passed another dog mange mites?

Question by : How a dog dog ?
Like any type of manges mites how know a dog passed it to another dog? Would they like start scratching immediatly and is it curable? Not that my dog has it just curious. Thanks

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Answer by orangebunny
can’t know for sure where a dog picked it up from (much like with humans catching a cold). but yes it is very treatable with a trip to the vet

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    • needmoney
    • June 19, 2012

    For the most case demodex mange is not transferred from dogs,,

    Here is a great guide on treating mange and caring for the dogs health.

    • flabbergasted
    • June 19, 2012

    There are different types of mange mites. Most dogs that have “mange” have demodectic mange – which is hereditary and not transmitted to other dogs. Sarcoptic mange is transmissible to other dogs but is not as common as the other, and the only way of knowing if any dog is infected by a mange mite is to bring it to a veterinarian for a skin test. That way it can be properly diagnosed and treated with the appropriate medication.

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