What are the best dog ID tags?

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I have been through three for my dog in the last six months. My dog is super active and all the wear and tear make the tags unreadable after a few weeks. I am looking at these electronic dog tags www.dog-e-tag.com but they seem a little large and I am afraid it will look silly on my 12 pound dog. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Aussie_Chica
Maybe think about a microchip for your dog!!!

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    • Lucy's Dog House
    • June 13, 2012

    There is a compnay that makes dog tags look like license plates. They are pretty neat. My girl Kona has one for Mass and for Texas and will probably have a few more in her life.

    • Proud
    • June 13, 2012

    I had a dog for 7 years that wore the same tag every single day. He was stolen and…. well, I won’t mention what happened to him, but I can say that the tag was the only thing that made it through the experience without a scratch. It was just a simple aluminum tag that was engraved using lasers (not as expensive as it sounds). I STILL have that tag (and its been 3 years since his death, so 10 years all together). If that’s the same kind you have, I can’t imagine what your dog is doing to destroy it. Especially at only 12 pounds.

    May I suggest a micro chip? It goes under their skin and is in an international database. If anyone in the entire world finds him, they’ll be able to pull up your information when they scan the chip. Then again, that’s assuming the person that finds them actually takes them somewhere to be scanned.

    • raregoldtx66
    • June 13, 2012

    what about the metal ones you can make at petco and pet smart ? my dog has had his for at least 3 years and its still readable and i think they are less then ten bucks still .
    Micro chip is a good idea , my dogs have micro chips but not every one will take a lost dog to get scanned , my dogs also wear name and address , phone number tags

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