What kind of dog food has the largest pieces?

Question by ( -_- ): What of has the ?
So our eats his crazy fast. And he doesn't like to chew it, he just swallows it. So we are looking for big that he has to chew. The biggest I've found so far is Science Diet large breed . They are sphere pieces that are maybe like 3/4 of an inch diameter. He chews maybe half and swallows the rest. It's definitely better than before, but still not great. Is there a that has really big pieces so dogs have to chew it? Thanks.

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Answer by *Royal Dachshunds~
Hi… 🙂
At the moment I can only think of Royal Canin that has the really large pieces (breed depending though) after that would probably be what you are already feeding. If he swallows really big pieces it could be a chocking hazard though. Are you feeding him enough and more then one meal a day? Have you tried the dog bowls with pegs in them (to slow dogs eating down)? You may also want to think about switching him to a high quality food like Merrick (which you can ad water to), Wellness, Chicken Soup, Blue Buffalo, Solid Gold, and so on. Scinece Diet has a lot of fillers like wheat and corn….

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