How to recipes for dog food and dog treats that will give them the right nutrition?

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Question by : How to recipes for food and dog that will give the right ?
I have a family full of dogs and some cats. I am tired of havig the wrong food for them that either make them over weight or have liver failure. I want to start making their dog treats and food at home I am looking for the right ones to give the dogs all their nutriction values including omega fatys and everything needed for them. If any one can help im ready to explore a healthy way to feed my animals especially since ill know what is in their food.

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Answer by Rachael
I’ve read a few articles by specialists and vets and recommend not making food for your dogs, but buying from the supermarket.
Home made food usually doesn’t contain the required nutrients a dog needs, while dog food bought from supermarkets have done heaps of research about and health and are dedicated to making the best product they can.
If your dogs get sick and you suspect its because of food, they may be allergic or sensitive to certain types of foods or ingredients.
As for obesity in dogs, almost all of the time it is due to overfeeding, so go to your vet to get a diet planned for your dog.

I hope this helps 🙂
You sound like a good owner wanting to make food for your pets, not many people I know are willing to go to those lengths, but please take my advise.

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    • DavidJackson
    • June 7, 2012

    Hi! That’s a great goal to make your own dog food but a previous answer was right, making it often leads to a lack of nutrition that the dog needs such as the right amount of crude protein, fat, vitamins, etc. If you want a really high quality dog food I recommend you try Prominence. It’s a premium dog food and my dog absolutely loves it, I used to feed her Fromm and I got a small bag of Prominence to give her and she picked out the new food and left the old stuff on the floor. I’ll never go back, they have cat food and litter and other stuff too. Check it out. The link where I get mine from is below.

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