What is dog.mange??? how can you just looking at a dog if they have mange?I was watching Cesar he helped?

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Question by Emmanuel-God is with us!: What is .mange??? how can you looking at a dog if have mange?I was watching Cesar he ?
he said that there are several
rescue a dog with mange, and was very careful not to touch the dog, so he wouldn’t bring it back to his pack or his family,..

what are the

different kinds of mange, what are they? and they are contagious to animals and humans??
disregard the first line in the additional details section below the bolded question, sorry

Best answer:

Answer by bob
sarcoptic mange- contagious to humans and other animals.

demodectic (demodex) mange- not contagious

both have to be diagnosed by your vet and prescribed medication by your vet.

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    • psycho sid vicious fan
    • June 5, 2012

    Mange in humans is known as “scabies”.

    • babyangelsmom06
    • June 5, 2012

    Mange is transmittable to humans, so if your dog has it, I would take them to the vet as sson as possible…especially if you have kids in the house. The vet will do a skin scraping and look at it under the microscope to diagnose it. If your dog is very itchy, has bald spots with red inflammed skin and you haven’t seen any fleas on the skin, you may want to suspect mange. I would have the dog checked out.

    • NiCoLe
    • June 5, 2012

    Mange is a condition were tiny parasites get into a dogs skin (mites) there are three types:Demodectic, Cheyletiella and Sarcoptic

    go to ask.com and type in mange in dogs and it the first option

    • Jennifer B
    • June 5, 2012

    There are 2 types of mange – sarcoptic and demodectic. Demodex can not be spread to people, but sarcoptic can be spread to people. It is a mite that lives on the skin. Looking at a dog, you can see hair loss, typically around the ears, or around the tail. It is usually symmetrical. The only way you can tell which type it is would be to have a vet check under a microscope.

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