How do i use a dog crate to make it pee outside?

Question by : How do i use a to make it pee ?
I heard that there were ways of using the dog crate for potty training.
EX. leave it in there and look for any and make it go outside on a leash or something

(dunno if thats ^^ up there)
So how do i use a dog crate to potty train it?

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Answer by terri b
Using the crate will teach the dog not to pee or poo in the area it is confined to and hence will want to relieve itself in an area outside. The dog will not want to pee or poo near where is sleeps and hence will learn to hold it until placed in an area where it can relieve itself (outside).

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    • I love to help!
    • June 5, 2012

    Being in the crate doesn’t teach your puppy to pee outside, you taking the puppy outside and rewarding it when it pees outside does. Crate training just helps in this process by encouraging the puppy to hold it’s bladder.

    Dogs instinctively like to “den”, they like small, closed in places to sleep and call their own, so a crate is like that for a dog. Once your dog is properly introduced to it’s crate, and trained to not mind the door being closed, he will not want to pee in there, because it’s his bed. Who likes to sleep in pee? So then the dog will WANT to hold it’s bladder until you can take it outside to pee.

    BUT, puppies physically can’t hold their bladders all that long. Puppy can be in it’s crate up to the number of months it is old (so a two month puppy need to be let out every 2 hours). So again, using the crate training method takes consistency on your part, letting the puppy out very often so it can be outside and learn that is where it should go pee.

    Puppies need to be let outside after drinking, as soon as they wake up, after eating and after a good play session. Also, just every couple of hours or so when they are really young. If you leave your puppy in the crate too long, it won’t want to pee in it’s bed, but it will have no choice but to do so, which really slows down the training process.

    Good Luck!

    • daa
    • June 5, 2012

    Take the dog outside at frequent, regular times – if it’s a young puppy, you may need to take it out as often as every 20 minutes at first. Reward immediately if he goes in the right place. When inside, keep the pup right near you, watch him closely, and rush him out if you think he’s about to go. When you can’t watch carefully enough to prevent accidents, that’s when you put the dog in his crate to prevent him from wandering around the house unsupervised.

    • Thank heaven for little girls
    • June 5, 2012

    I found this outline that you may found rather helpful. I also posted some links on crate training for you, one of which is from the Humane Society. I think there is also a video

    “The basic idea of crate training is to use a dog’s natural instinct to your advantage. Her natural instinct is to keep her den (crate) clean.

    Keep your puppy in his crate and only let him out to:

    ■Use the potty
    Tough love is sometimes necessary. Remember, you are the leader and your tough love will pay off in the long run. You can also use a crate to train an adult dog……

    What you feed your dog will affect:

    ■How solid his stools are
    ■How often he needs to potty
    ■How much control he will have over his urge
    ■Try and stick to quality, dry food. It makes his digestive system and stools consistent.
    ■Quality, dry food is also good exercise for his jaws and helps to keep his teeth clean.
    Eating table scraps can really mess up your dog’s stools (as well as giving him health problems) and therefore wreak havoc on your housebreaking plans. Decent quality, dry dog food is you and your dog’s biggest ally… table scraps are not.

    You will need to maintain a strict schedule concerning:

    ■What you feed your dog
    ■When you feed her
    ■When you give her water
    ■When you take her out for a walk
    ■When a puppy, she will require 3 or 4 feedings and waterings a day.”

    This link will tell you more:

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