Anyone know of a place to get inexpensive patio dog doors?

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Question by gina k: of a place to get doors?
My husband and I are looking to get a dog door for our sliding glass door, but the prices are incredible every place we’ve looked. Does know where we can get one for around $ 100? We are living in San Diego County if that helps, but we are not closed off to ordering online. It would have to be a large size because we have a boxer lab and a full bred lab. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Lori
You could always look on craig’s list

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    • btdt
    • June 4, 2012

    Did you try Lowe’s or Home Depot? How about Petco? Here there’s a cheaper warehouse store called Pet Club.

    Edit: HD has an Ideal Pet Products 10.5 x 15 in opening patio door for $ 142 online.

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