Why does the Trap 6 Dog at Greyhound Races wear a Striped Jacket?

Question by Si73: Why does the 6 at a ?
I went to the tonight. How come the jacket the trap 6 dog wears is black and white striped whereas the jackets the dogs in traps 1-5 wear are single block colours (trap one is just red, two is blue and so on)?

Is there a reason for this?

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Answer by on the wagon
he`s gay

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    • Ilkie
    • June 2, 2012

    He is a sophisticated dog who would never be seen in colour co-ordinated clothing.
    Either that or he supports Newcastle Utd.

    • coolerthanu
    • June 2, 2012

    hes a criminal

    • Bogart
    • June 2, 2012

    Just makes it easier to see and differentiate between the 8 dog, or whatever dog has a similar colored jacket.

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