Can anyone tell me if laser type engraving on dog/pet ID tags is any good?

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Question by murphy: Can anyone tell me if engraving on is any good?
Ive seen various ornate dog ID tags for sale on line in the UK and some offer engraving!?! I have sent off for dog ID tags in the past but cant remember if they stated how the engraving was done and have been disappointed that the writing is faint or indistinct. Can anyone recommend what is clearest?

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Answer by Tara Digiacomo
both of my dogs’ id tags are lasered. I got them at a kiosk at the petsmart store. The writing is not faint al all….hope this helps!

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    • Josiah G
    • May 31, 2012

    If the tags you had in the past had “depth” they probably were rotary engraved, not laser etched. Laser etching on pet id tags won’t have much if any depth, will just be contrasted on the metal. It is a permanent marking and just as good as one with depth.

    • Elaine M
    • May 31, 2012

    They work fine. All the ones I’ve seen here were deep enough.

    Remember you can use Rub N Buff to enhance the engraving lines (it’s a kind of picture frame polish that stays in grooves). That won’t rub off against the dog’s fur. We used that on our metal engraved admission tokens at Pennsic War each year. The stuff goes on quickly and makes the engraved lines stand out great. It comes in different colors too.

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