How should I display dog collars at tradeshow?

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Question by Diane S: How I display collars at ?
I need a way to display about 200 at a tradeshow that looks organized. I’ve thought about jewellery racks, but I can’t find anything that looks like it’ll work. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Bekah K

Well i had this cupcake holder.

That is spirals when it goes up. So like… Make cute racks. but make sure the like spin when u put them up. Dont make the thing actually spin but u know =]]

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Red Dingo Dog Collar, Large, Yellow


    • My Secret Identity
    • May 29, 2012

    It sounds like you need tall, cylindrical poles to fasten them around. Dog-related would be even better.

    Is there any way to make horizontal cylinders that look like dachshunds, with a dog head at one end, and a tail at the other? Doggie feet may be a great way to keep them upright.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps! 🙂

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