What You Snap Your Leash To – Dog Harness vs. Collar

Article by A. Light

What You Your To – vs. Collar – Family – Pets

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What You Snap Your Leash To –
Dog vs. Collar

Ah yes, that age old question, and the answer is; it depends. It depends on several things: 1. What type of dog you have? 2. If your dog has been trained. 3. The type of person you are. 4. The choices of harnesses available. Let's dig into this list and see what will work best for you and your dog.

What type of dog you have plays the most important role in whether you use a harness or a collar when taking your dog out. Is your dog high energy, easily excitable or low energy? Does your dog like to lead? If your dog is high energy, easily excitable and/or likes to lead, then you most certainly need a harness. Snapping a leash to this type of dog's collar will not only cause choking and gagging but could cause more serious problems such as cervical spine injuries or tracheal damage. Just as humans get whip lash so can your best friend. If your dog takes off unexpectedly after a bird, to greet another dog, person or whatever, when he gets to the end of the leash or extended lead, his head is instantly snapped around, and depending on the dog's size you could be on the ground. Situations like this arise all the time when you are out with your dog. So for this type of dog, a harness is a must for his safety and yours. If on the other hand, your dog is low energy and is happy to amble along sniffing here and there on your walks then a collar is just fine. So the next question is, what if your dog has been through ?

Training or obedience training your dog is always recommended. You want to be happy with your dog and your dog wants to please you. Training your dog gives him a job and lets him know that he is doing what makes you happy. Training with love, rewards, treats and constant repetition is always the best. If your dog looks only to you and responds immediately to your voice and commands, then a collar works perfectly. However, if your dog is trained but still likes to lead or is easily excitable, then you should be using a harness. The training of your dog goes hand in hand with the type of person you are.

Just what type of person are you, and are you the only person involved in your dog's life? This is a big question. If you are the only person in your dog's life, then you already know if you need a harness or just a collar when you take your dog out. If there is another person or a family involved, that's a whole different situation. Ideally, all the people living with the dog should be on the same page as to training, treating, feeding, walking, etc. Unfortunately for the dog, this is rarely the reality. Dogs need consistency so in this instance with a high energy, easily excitable and/or dog that likes to lead, a harness would be the best choice for going out. This brings us to number 4. Choices of Harnesses.

There are many types of harnesses available on the market today. These include step-in harnesses, front clip harnesses, travel harnesses, mesh harnesses, cloth harnesses, the single strap sport harness and the list goes on. Most people don't want to mess with a harness. They don't like the way they look and harnesses can be bulky and impossible to put on, or not bulky but still a pain to put on two or more times a day when going out. People tend to leave the harness on which would be like leaving a bra or athletic supporter on all the time. After trying several different harnesses and looking for the absolute easiest to use and most comfortable for the dog, the Single Strap Sport Harness by EZ X Harness is the one many people have chosen. It is not a step-in harness, but goes over the dog's head with a fixed “X” over the chest. The free ends then go between the front legs and buckle over the dog's back. The D ring at the back of the neck and the second D ring at the buckle are clipped together with the leash completing the harness. This harness is so simple that a child, physically compromised person, or anyone can use it. Your dog won't be choked or chafed as well as no worries of cervical injuries or tracheal damage.

If you are looking for a sleek, attractive, easy to use, comfortable for your dog, control for you, harness then the EZ X Single Strap Sport Harness for the dog that likes to lead is the harness for you.

Dogs & Owners give it a thumbs up! http://www.ezxharness.com

By A. Light 8/20/2010

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A. Light

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