Dominant Dog – Taming it

Dominant Dog - Taming it
by Joseph Then

Have you ever imagined how it feels like having a pet? Well, maybe you have. I am sure you will be very excited because there is an addition to the .

And then after picking up the of your choice and bringing your pet into the house, it dawned upon you that your is quite and hard to control. What do you do next? You embark upon training your dog to do your bidding. Wait! Before you do so, do you really know what you’re up to? Do you know what you are going to train? You may say it’s a dog. You’re going to train a dog. Just like with any tasks, don’t come unprepared. Understanding and knowledge are both essential so take the time to know why behave that way.

Dog Training for Dummies

If you haven’t already known this, a dog is a descendant of wolves. I am sure that you know dogs have been domesticated thousands of years before but there is also another thing that you should know. There are some characteristics similar to a wolf that is by instinct ingrained within your pet. An example would be how it does things. The dog uses its sense of smell to tell its surroundings. Unlike us, we use all our five senses. What I am trying to say is that although dos have been domesticated for thousands of years now, they still retain some of their most basic . You have to keep that in mind before going off to tame your dog.

When you feel that the time is right to train your dog and to who is , what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start training your dog. There are three basic things you should remember when training your dog. They are; Focus, Take Control and claim all things as your possession that is inside the house, of course.

Let’s talk about focus and why you need this. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep your cool especially if your dog is too annoying. So do you resort to using a stick and beating up your pet? Or yelling at your dog? That won’t do you any good. What you can do instead is be calm, steady and always remain firm. Whenever you start training or working with your dog remain consistently calm.

The next part of training is taking control. How do you take control? No, you do not yell. Instead, you should always maintain eye contact and make sure that you are firm when teaching your dog new things. By maintaining this, you will let your dog know that you are in charge and the one who has the authority. The submissive dogs will look away but not the dominant ones. Therefore, you should always remember to look your dog in the eyes and be firm.

The last part of training is to claim all things as yours whether this is about toys, food; rugs and so on stand your ground. You should only share your things with your dog when he understands that you are the one in charge.

Now that you are aware of these things, you can continue teaching your pet until the desired results are achieved. However in all things, remember to keep a little tender loving care for your pet, after all we are talking about your dog.

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