What do people think of the dog whisperer and other dog TV shows?

Question by : What do of the and other dog TV ?
I wanted to know how felt about the dog and his methods. I often see answers to dog posts that say, “.” As a trainer, shower and groomer, I have had a fair amount of experience with and behavior, and I like the principals that Cesar lays down about communicating with . That said, he uses some methods that I don't agree with (though I suppose no two trainers agree). The one problem that I have with him is that he doesn't emphasize the importance of seeing a trainer on his show. Oftentimes I feel that people are too willing to “self diagnose” dogs after watching him and accidentally interpret fear or play as aggression. If a dog has a problem that could be dangerous, in my opinion, the safest option is to seek a pro. What are other people's opinion on the and other like it as dog advice?

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Answer by lucyloo5127
I've only seen it once and it was just the other day! I liked it I thought he was good but I would definately take my dog to a trainer or veterinarian if we were having any behavioral issues or health issues because watching tv and applying it to your own life usually isnt a good idea. And like people, all dogs or even dogs of the same breed are not all the same.

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an episode of the dog whisperer where caesar trains a dog to not be aggressive toward other animals?


    • May 23, 2012

    I think the man is a genius!!!!! That said lol I would not take my dog to a trainer or vet for the things that Cesar handles on his shows because they are not in the habit of retraining the owner like he is. Trainers are good for obedience and vets are good for medical problems. Cesar treats the psychological problems the dogs have and he will get my vote every time.

    • bordercollieoverdrive
    • May 23, 2012

    I quite agree with you. Remember, these are made for TV shows. Have you noticed how the camera keeps certain things out of view when he is working with a “problem dog”? They don’t show that at times it is obvious he is luring the dogs with food.

    My dog’s sibling, Renegade the Border Collie, was seen on an episode in which a supposed dog psychologist would council owners with pet problems and help them solve them. Renegade is an dog actor and this cameo was to further his resume and hopefully help him to get more work. So his owner trained tricks so that he would lay at her side and hold a pose that made him look depressed – yes, it was a taught trick like going to a spot on the floor. He acted awesomely. This psychologist “helped” Renegade out of his depression by introducing him to flyball. They did not disclose to the viewing audience, Renegade was already competing on a flyball team and doing quite well. Of course Renegade took to flyball like a fish to water and looked so happy to the viewers (duh he loves flyball) and the psychologist took full credit for “helping him and his owner”.

    I am not writing this to completely discretit these individuals, but also realize that this is TV. TV is entertainment. Don’t think that there are no dog actors out there or that you are seeing the whole picture as it protrayed by the cameras. The art is in making the illusion appear real. Sit back and be entertained.

    • walkinglady
    • May 23, 2012

    He has helped a lot of dogs who would otherwise have been put down. However, his methods are definitely not for the average dog or the average dog owner – in fact, they could be dangerous. Some of the things he says are patently ridiculous.

    Have you ever seen what happens to these dogs he’s “cured” after they’ve been back with their owners for a couple of weeks? Do you really believe that they don’t revert back to their former behaviour?

    He’s great at what he does with dogs with major aggression problems, but the owners can’t control their own dogs with his methods.

    There’s a german shepherd breeder named Suzanne Clothier, who is a trainer, author and lecturer who’s methods are far more humane, she has a thorough understanding of dogs, uses a common sense approach to training and gets amazing results. Read her book called “Bones Would Rain From the Sky” and you might get a totally different view point of a person’s relationship with dogs.

    • scion_xb_girly
    • May 23, 2012

    I watch it and i actually really like the show, i would definently consult a trainer for help with my dog. He’s just showing that its possible with the right teachings to have a well behaved dog. all during the program it says comes up with a messege that you should consult a trainer and not try anything shown

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