Why does my dog growl and attempt to bite me when I take his leash off?

Question by LivinLife: Why does my dog and attempt to me when I his off?
Ok so whenever i come home and try to my dogs off, he starts growling and attacking me. He doesn't do it when i put the leash on, and he doesn't attack me when i just pick him up. Whenever i take his leash off or wash his paws he becomes a completely different dog. What can i do?

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He could be somewhat leash aggressive. Maybe he thinks that leash=walk and when you take it off he gets mad because he wants a walk. You could call a local professional and have them help train your dog also.

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    • Yvonne A
    • May 19, 2012

    I suspect he is trying to get you to play with him. I believe that’s what my dog is trying to convey when he behaves this way. I also suspect that it is not a good thing to reward him with what he wants because that will only reinforce bad behavior. If you have a JR, they have lots of energy and can get bored and destructive. It’s probably best to make sure he has daily play time to release excess energy. I take mine in the back yard and let him run ragged by chasing a stick. When he misbehaves, ignore or punish him (e.g., some form of confinement) until he learns this behavior is unacceptable.

    • lilbit32
    • May 19, 2012

    my dog was the same, with my dog it was we were taking the leash off to aggressively and also he at times it was because he wanted to go for a walk or play

    • i_stoll_a_dollar
    • May 19, 2012

    get a trainer! he doesn’t know that your in charge. you need to put his back and look at him mad ( they sence that crap) then slap his nose everytime he has outbursts

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