How do I get my dog to use the dog doors?

Question by crymeariver: How do I get my dog to use the dog ?
My husband and I have dog doors leading from the outside into the house and we are trying to get our dog to figure them out, but he seems frightened by them. How do we coax him into using them at first he would squat down and pee because he thought we were fussing at him or showing him a mess when we were merely trying to get him to use the doors. Now he will go through them but only if we hold them open for him. What is going on? I've even tried treats.

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Answer by Antwan DUBBA U
you have to coax the dog with treats but do it slowly. if there is a flap on the door that probally whats scaring the dog . take the flap off the door use treats to coax the dog through the door. this is not going to be an instant thing, and dont get mad at the dog as that wont help either. Once you have got the dog throuigh the door do exactally the same thing with the flap on there

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    • dreamer
    • May 16, 2012

    You have to SHOW him. If the door is too small for you,get someone who is small to crawl through it,then call your dog through

    Good Luck!

    • iluvdogz3
    • May 16, 2012

    have the dog go on 1 side of the doggy door then u take a tret and go on the other side then keep switching sides and having the dog come in and out then after it gets used to it try doing it without the treats about 5-6 times till it can do it with no problem then, ur dog will probably go through the doggy door with out anything coaxing him or anything. that is how i got my dog to do it .

    • bellacavalier
    • May 16, 2012

    For fosters I put a person on either side of the door,each with treats.Hold the flap and coax the dog back and forth,letting the flap down a bit at a time.Then go outside with the new dog inside and call the dog.Usually they will follow the rest out.

    • adam
    • May 16, 2012

    well, i was going to suggest enticing them with treats, but you say you’ve already tried that. that’s how i always taught mine to use it. try the treats again and make sure you’re relaxed and happy. reward all positive steps toward using the door. is it a double flap? if so, put a treat in between the two flaps and see if he goes for that. use very high value treats – something you don’t ordinarily give him (think steak, chicken, etc.). even if you have to hold the flaps open, reward him for going thru. keep trying. he should get it eventually. don’t force him and don’t get upset with him if he doesn’t get it quickly. if he is already traumatized by it, it will take longer to desensitize him. good luck.

    • Rexydoberman
    • May 16, 2012

    My dog needed some time and coaxing as well ! I taped the flaps open for a day or two and gave him yummy treats when he did go through it. Also I would use a tennis ball and play fetch to show him that the ball would go through. It may also help to have a dog at your house that is dog door savvy to show him the ropes. Just give him time and in a few days- he’ll be going in and on and in and out more times than you want !

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