About how long does it usually take to complete a dog adoption?

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Question by : how does it to a dog ?
We’re applying to get a dog from a rescue that includes an application then home visit then a reference check then meeting the dog and signing the contract/paying the fee.

How do you think that will take? Min/Max?

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Answer by _MusicFreak_
it alll depends

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    • anne b
    • May 15, 2012

    It really does depend on how long the process takes. You have to take into account how reachable the references are, when the volunteer has time to do the home visit, and how well you filled out your application.

    If your application was missing any info, or if you did not inform your vet that someone would be calling for a reference, the process will certainly take longer.
    Then it all depends on when both you are the volunteer have time to meet at your home.

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