where can i find a double ended dog leash?

Question by kitten85: where can i find a double ?
I am looking for a with a hookup on each end to train my dog to go from his head halter to his regular collar. I have found some websites but they are either british or australian. can any one please find me a store or site that would sell them.

oh i need it to be strong cause my dog is 95 lbs. thanks.
its not a leash for 2 dogs. its a leash with a clip on each end.

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Answer by mariahleadme
My wife makes these types of leashes patterned after the ones she got with her Guide dogs. They are made from vinyl coated aircraft cable with a test rating of 500 lbs. She makes them with pretty colored beads on the cable, so the colors and patterns are unique.
You also might try contacting a to see if they would sell you one of the leather ones.

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    • oregano13
    • May 13, 2012

    E-mail these folks: http://www.collarmania.com/ They will make anything you want, out of any material and in any thickness you would like. Their prices are quite reasonable generally as well.

    • ms manners
    • May 13, 2012

    I think what you want is a dog coupler. Its meant to be used to walk two dogs together, but it should also work for what you want.
    I bought mine at Drs. Foster and Smith:


    Did you look at it? It IS a leash with a hook on each end.
    It just has hardware that bends it in the middle.
    if you dont want that, you can take the hardware off.

    • Tria
    • May 13, 2012

    try the multipurpose leash from bridegport leather. They’re only $ 15 good quality, and very versatile. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, they have a ton of other options.
    Edit: I’m hearing people talk about couplers, they are available at bridegport (in leather) or you can find them in most pet stores with the leashes. Ok, since it’s not the coupler, definitely look up the multipurpose leash. It’s a leather leash with snap hooks on both ends. Sounds like what you are looking for. I think they also have them available in nylon.

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