Where can you buy dog leashes?

Question by tinafrogger1017: Where can you buy dog ?
I am looking to buy a bunch of the rope leads they use at . I am trying to find a place online to buy them in bulk for our , but I can't find any. Any ideas?

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Answer by Smoky'dad
contact your local vets for idea where they get they're supply, google , ask vet supplyers dog halter leashes disposable , go to home depot buy a spool of nylon line the right size and make them… would be cost effective

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    • Elena
    • May 9, 2012

    I don’t know of any myself but call or go down to your local vet clinic and ask if they have got the name and number of their supplier.

    • Jupiter
    • May 9, 2012


    I got some of those cheapie nylon type there for our emergency dog supply bag. Very light weight, but also easy to chew through 🙂

    • Barbie
    • May 9, 2012

    http://www.ryanspets.com They are based out of Pheonix, and they are called slip leads.

    • hommie
    • May 9, 2012

    at dollargenerally or walmart

    • Gothic Martha™
    • May 9, 2012

    ebay is a good source. 🙂

    Also, just call a local vet and ask who their supplier is, they will most likely tell you because the supplier probably offer deals to clients who give out referrals.

    Good luck Hon.

    • manatee
    • May 9, 2012

    Have you tried calling a couple of vet offices and seeing if they’ll tell you? I bet if you try a few numbers you’ll find someone to give you the name of their supplier.

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