How do I teach my dog not to be afraid of the dog door?

Question by Anna G: How do I my dog not to be afraid of the ?
I have a 1 1/2 year old spaniel mix who I adopted from a rescue group recently. She's wonderful and partly trained. However, the noise of the dog door closing when our other dog uses it scares her. She goes in and out of the door itself with no problem and will use the dog door if I hold it open. How do I teach her not to be afraid of the rather loud noise the door makes? Keeping the door open in the summer is fine, but winter is approaching and I want her to learn about the door.

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Answer by Sky
ok well put the your other dogs in a seperate room and grab a treat like a piece of hot dod or ham or turkey some thing u know she likes and put it by the door. and whn she aproaches it make it do th noice. basically your showing her that noice leads to a good thing and not a bad if it doesnt work u must keep trying because training leads to perfect 🙂 hope that helped

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    • Karma08
    • May 2, 2012

    Your story made me laugh because we have been through this with our dogs – I have Spaniels too!

    You go on the other side of the door and maybe pop your head through and take a treat with you to coax her out. Sometimes I will hold the door open a tiny bit to show them that I am on the other side and that it’s okay. Then, when they are out go back in and have her do it again. You can also sit with her on the same side and hold the door open a bit and help her go through on her own. Then, try to get her to come back in with a little assistance and treat coaxing. I have a dog that was also afraid of the noise, but he has no problem now that we worked with it in a gradual way. She’ll get used to it and realize that the sound won’t hurt her.

    I hope that helps!

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