What You Need To Know About Chihuahua Breeding

What You Need To Know About Chihuahua Breeding

If you have decided that a is the best pet for you, you will not have trouble finding a breeder to purchase your puppy from. However, during your search you might also come in contact with a number of breeders who do not their Chihuahuas in a responsible fashion. When it comes to , it is important to shop around and ask the right questions when selecting the best breeder for you. There are some guidelines that you can follow that will help to determine whether a breeder is breeding his responsibly to help ensure that you receive a puppy that is healthy, good tempered and attractive.

Never rush into the purchase of aChihuahua . Keep in mind that Chihuahuas can 18 years or more, so this pet will be a long-term commitment. You will want to a puppy that is healthy and bred carefully to prevent possible genetic defects and illnesses.

In order to ensure that the breeder you select practices responsible breeding, you will want to make sure that the person has a in this realm. This can be done through asking for recommendations for breeders from people or organizations that you can trust to give you good information about the breeders that you are considering. This might include state or national Chihuahua clubs or the American Kennel Club. It might also include visiting some dog events that breeders and the people that know them attend. Dog publications will often have listings of breeders and your veterinarian might have a name or two as well.

Another good place to hunt for breeders is on the Internet. If you can a breeder in your area, you will be able to visit and check out the location and dogs for yourself. If not, you will want to take a few extra precautions to ensure that the breeder you select practices responsible Chihuahua breeding so that you will be able to get the healthy dog that you are looking for.

Once you have tracked down a breeder that looks promising, it is time to investigate his Chihuahua breeding practices to ensure that he handles his dogs in a responsible way. A will ask you as many questions as you ask him, so that he knows his precious puppy will be going to a good home.

He will screen all of his dogs for Luxating Patella and eye diseases, since these are common hereditary problems in this breed. If a dog tests positive for either of these issues, a responsible Chihuahua breeder will not breed those dogs.

It is also good to visit the breeding site to see if it is well maintained and the puppies are well cared for. The pups should be kept indoors with the family much of the time, to ensure that they are well socialized. Your breeder should spend time quizzing you as well, so that he knows his will go to a good home.

If you follow these guidelines, your chances of finding a person who is responsible in Chihuahua breeding is good, and you will be able to purchase a puppy that will bring you years of enjoyment.

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