I do alot of hiking in Washington and I am noticing that people throw there dog poop bags in the tree?

Question by Whitney J: I do of in and I am that dog in the ?
Is there a reason for this… I think it is gross…
I do alot of hiking in the cascades… Snoqualmie pass area

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Answer by Bonzie12
Because they are too lazy to walk it out of the woods with them and then throw it away.

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    • Erica Lynn
    • April 21, 2012

    They’re lazy jerks. No other reason. A lot of the trails here don’t have trash cans but that is no excuse for not removing their dog’s waste from the area. I just clean up after someone’s dog if I see it has been left and I have extra bags (which I usually do). I carry my dog bags and an plastic grocery bag just in case the bag is smelly. I can just put it in there, tie it shut, then tie it to my pants until I find a trash can.

    Have you noticed how many don’t even remove their OWN trash from the areas? It’s like they think hiding a beer can behind a tree is acceptable as long as no one sees them. It’s really disappointing because the trails here are so pretty. We can’t even take our dogs on many of them now because of people not cleaning up after their own dogs. If they keep it up, WE may not be allowed on the trails. ?

    Where do you usually hike? I like the area out by Alder Lake but it’s kinda far so usually we just go to Point Defiance and go off the trails for some peace and quiet. The areas by Alder Lake DO have cougars and bears so don’t take your dog unless it is on leash or has a very firm recall. We leave at the first sign of either since dogs and large wild life don’t mix well. My dogs know when I say we’re leaving to start heading back.

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