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my dog is afrid of all kinds of leashes and collars whenever i put one on her she freaks out she wont move even when i throw treats shes a big mutt that looks like a lab. Ill even spend hrs trying to comfort her to move. Any Ideas to get her used to the leash and ?
She'll move if i dont hold it but she wont let me lead her

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Answer by Sally B
Buy very light weight collar and leash and put it on her in the house and then let her just move around the house with it on. Don't spend so much time trying to soothe her feelings. Just put it on and then go about your normal routine and let her adjust to feeling it around her neck and having the leash just trail her. Be sure the leash is short, light weight and the collar small and light weight. Give her a week of wearing it an hour or so at a time several times a day or evening. Then progress from there.

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    • bassetnut
    • April 20, 2012

    Start with the collar. A buckle one. Put it on, leave it on. Ignore. No pleading, coaxing, comforting or whining. Eventually, she will move.

    Once she’s fine with the collar, attach a string to it. Leave it on. Ignore. Eventually, she will move.

    Once she’s fine with string, attach a leash to the collar. Leave it on as long as you’re around to make sure she doesn’t get hung up on something. Ignore. Eventually, she will move.

    • keezymama
    • April 20, 2012

    Do not “comfort ” her when she is upset about the leash – this is actually praising her for her behavior.
    1) make sure you are acting in a calm – it is going to happen way and not responding to the dogs actions as if you feel guilty or upset this feeds the dogs behavior
    2) put collar and very Short leash on dog and let it drag it around its normal living space – if dog won’t move around house or its pen area with leash attached you develop attitude of sorry but that life – if you want your supper you have to walk over here to get it and drag you leash (nothing attached) this process may take a period of many days
    3) add length to leash. a little at a time until dog is dragging at least 6 ft. – better 10-20
    4) pick up leash and stand or follow dog – remember you are still in safe area where dog does not to be on lead – do not pull on leash if you need to take control of dog walk up to dog and take control directly not by leash
    5) read up on positive training methods – that will use lure and reward for teaching rather than physical correction until dog has understanding of required behavior
    6) work with someone to get your timing of use of food, toy or other object of attraction into the training environment.
    7) praise dog when correct do not praise when upset IT sounds like you have an acting queen that has learned how to control people with negative behavior

    • greekman
    • April 20, 2012

    You know, in the past 27 years I have heard and faced that same problem many times with other people’s dogs. I have never understood it. Here is what I do and have done to solve the idiotic behavior. Put a choker on the dog, attach a leash and walk. Simple, yet effective. No dog will buck and act stupid by pulling, yanking and refusing to walk for too long. Simple physics dictates that if you want to be near your head, you need to walk with me. You will be surprised to hear that most dogs, after about 10 minutes, feel very happy and are glad to put the leash on and go for a walk.

    • laura r
    • April 20, 2012

    ok this is what i did with my puppy. I Put the callar and leash on and let him run around the house, while i was home. this gets them use to the weight of the leash. after awhile i picked the leash up and folled him around. dont tug or pull on the collar. you want the dog to think its fun. usually dogs follow you around. mine does.

    • cherokeegrl26
    • April 20, 2012

    First just put the collar on her and leave it on, don’t take it off unless she hurts herself which is very unlikely. She might try to paw at it but that won’t hurt her. then, when she lays down to sleep, while she is sleeping, be very quiet and just hook the leash to her collar and leave it there, see how she acts when she wakes up. After she wakes up, just leave the leash on her for about 10 min and then take it off. While it is on her, leave the room and see how she acts then. Keep doing that everytime she goes to sleep, she will finally notice that it won’t hurt her. After she gets use to that, then get her near the couch, sit down and put the leash on her and just hold it, don’t try to move her, just hold it in your hand and pet her. I know its time comsumeing but it works. Thanks and GL

    • JR
    • April 20, 2012

    Your scaring her more trying to comfort her.

    Put the collar and leash on and leave her be. Do your own thing whatever you would do if not dealing with her “issue”

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