Chihuahua Breeders And The Ones To Avoid

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by Sandra Dean

Anyone can throw on a suit and a smile, tell you the stuff you want to hear, and try to sell you a Chihuahua you may not want. A reputable Chihuahua breeder is someone that you can ask a lot of questions of and they will not be offended. A reputable breeder is going to insist that you do your homework and find the breeder that works best for you because they know that an owner and a breeder will be in touch for many years to come so a strong is important. You will find that an honest breeder will hide nothing from you.

The first thing you can do to weed out the shady breeders is to check and see what national breeding registry each are listed with. The gold standard is the but there are other registries so find out which one your breeder is associated with so you can see what kind of breeding standards they use when doing their business. Also check to make sure they are really listed with the registry, do not take their word for it. Remember you are checking someone out so do your own work.

Talk to your vet and ask them about the breeders that you are considering and ask them their opinion and also if they have any Chihuahua breeders they can recommend to you. If you do not have a vet then you will need one when you get the dog so there is no better time to strike up a relationship with a vet than when you are getting your first pet. Your vet is just as interested in the health and well being of your pet as you are so talk with your vet about the different breeders you are considering.

As dark as it may sound you would also benefit from a visit to the local law enforcement authorities to ask about breeders you are considering. If a breeder has a history with the local law enforcement then it may be a good idea to avoid getting involved with that breeder for your good and for the good of your future pup.

Probably the most important person you can talk to when you are considering Chihuahua breeders are the breeders themselves. Find out what their policies are and see if they offer you any detailed care and feeding instructions with your new pup. Ask if they will be available for consultation after the sale is over and just see if this is a person that you would be comfortable getting a pet from.

Find out what information they offer you when you get a dog from them and also just pay attention to see if this is someone that you would feel comfortable buying your future family member from.

A relationship between breeder and owner goes on for many years and if you make the wrong breeder choice then that is something you may end up regretting down the road.

Only you can make that determination and you should only make that determination after you have done more than sufficient research.

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