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Sleeping greyhound, displaying some of the hai...
Sleeping greyhound, displaying some of the that is common in post-racing greyhounds on his butt and end of his snout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we are ill, we go to see the nice lady at the doctor’s office. When we our teeth are in a bad way, we take a trip down to the lovely people at the dentists. When our skin is breaking out or drying up, we may use a number of creams or ointments or even or maybe even the dermatologist if it gets really bad. And if we find out hair becoming brittle or and resulting in dog hair loss, we may use a selection of potions and lotions to restore its beauty. But a dog can’t do that. Skin problems in tend to be suffered in silence in the hope that eventually you will notice.

Similarly, as humans, we can take , in order to stop ourselves from developing all manner of undesirable problems. But unfortunately for , people tend not to take the same measures until something actually happens to their dog.

However, I urge you to take these preventative measures – your dog will be so much less likely to suffer from such problems as dog dandruff, dog or dog moulting, which will make for a much healthier and lively dog.

A dog with skin irritation and hair loss on it...

If your dog does develop or has developed such issues it is important, and only fair to the dog, to treat it as soon as possible. Such sites as Lintbells sell such supplements as Yumega Dog, which gets its omega 3 and 6 from pressed golden flax and starflower, so Is completely natural. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, so the risks of reaction to its ingredients are minimal.

Last year, my dog suffered terribly from dog skin problems. He had dry skin, dandruff and . The first thing the vets told us was that our dog was lacking in the correct vitamins and minerals required to build a healthy coat and promote soft skin. So we added Yumega Dog to his food. And it worked wonders.

Treatments such as these can be essential in healing and maintaining the quality of your dog’s skin, and giving them a glossy and healthy coat. I would certainly recommend it.

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