How much would a year’s worth of dog supplies cost?

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Question by dalmailam: How a year’s of dog ?
I really want my parents to get me a dog.
I’m trying to convince them by telling them that I’d pay for all of the supplies I need.
So I need to know how everything cost.
It be great if you can actually list the things I’d need.

BTW i’m 11 old
the “average”
great answer Siobhán
thanks for all the great answers 🙂
ok maybe I wouldn’t pay for EVERYTHING
how about a german shepard?

Best answer:

Answer by W
That is a difficult question. The of owning a dog varies by the breed, your location and a host of other items. Your local SPCA be a great source of information about the breeds, food, toys, and veterinary for the dog you have selected.

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    • Julie D.
    • April 10, 2012

    There is no accurate answer for this. Obviously, it would cost more per year to feed a Great Dane than it would to feed a Toy Poodle. You know, you also must have enough money to provide proper medical care if the dog gets sick. Example: If a dog ends up with an intestinal blockage, the surgery for that can be anywhere from $ 2000.00-$ 4000.00. If your parents can’t comfortably afford something like this, it may not be the best time to consider getting a dog. There is more to owning a dog, than just supplies. BTW, you are not even suppose to be on this site unless you are 13. I suggest if you have anymore questions, you ask your parents to post them.

    • Siobhán
    • April 10, 2012

    The best way you can get an idea is to go down to the pet shop or supermarket and then add up the costs of things for an accurate idea.

    The start up costs are the most expensive time as you will need to buy the bed, lead, collar etc. But you will also need to pay for the vaccinations at the vets. This price varies from vet to vet so call up a few and ask them how much they charge for puppy shots.

    Then there are ongoing vets bills for booster shots every year and anything if the dog gets ill. I suspect this is what you parents are worried about as opposed to the food costs. You need to talk with them about this because I would be surprised if you can afford those at your age. Perhaps if you may for everything else they will agree to help with vets bills?

    Hope that helps in some way. ^_^

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