Is there any collar or some other type of zapper to keep our dog from jumping.?

Question by Is any collar or some other of zapper to keep our .?
Our jumps our and jumps out the car window. If they make a collar that zaps when they bark, should be something for when they jump.

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Answer by limbodian
They do…Try “DOGTRA” shock collars. You can find them online.

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    • sweetz
    • April 6, 2012

    That is just totally mean. I am not being mean or anything but what if they invented the same collar for humans that talked or even walked out of their house? A zapper could hurt the dog or may even kill s/he.

    • Robin D
    • April 6, 2012

    There is an option to keep your dog from jumping the fence. But first, the rant:

    I don’t appreciate the zapper collars since I have seen dogs burned by them. I think they can be cruel. Yes, in well trained and compassionate hands the high quality expensive ones can be effective. However my contention is that the majority of people who want to use them are either too lazy to provide effective training to prevent the problem, or they lack the knowledge or skills and think this is the only option. The electronic collars should only ever be the last possible option. End of rant.

    Now, what can you do about your dog jumping the fence? Check out this website:
    They have this cool gadget you can install on your fence to make it impossible for the dog to jump it. It was created to keep coyotes from jumping INTO your yard and killing your pets, but it works to keep your dog inside as well.

    To keep your dog from jumping out of the car window, your dog should use a dog seat belt. These can be purchased on the Internet or at better pet stores.They keep the dog on a short leash attached to the seat of the car. Bingo. No problem. Until you find one of those, try this solution. We make my sister’s rambunctious Flat coated Retriever wear her leash in the car. When she gets into the car, the leash gets slammed in the top part of the car door frame with enough slack to let her sit or lay down. Since that window is rolled up and she can’t reach the other window, there is no problem.

    Solution #2: Make your dog ride in a crate in the car or
    Solution #3: Don’t take the dog in the car when you need to keep the windows rolled down. If you have air conditioning, just leave them rolled up while the dog is in the car.

    All these solutions are better and more effective than torturing your dog with a shock collar.

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