How many 6 foot long dog leashes would it take to circle the earth?

Question by shleepy: How many 6 it to circle the ?
clipping the leashes from end to end.

Best answer:

Answer by ***Puppies are so cute***
i can't be bothered workin it out sorry!

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    • Chris K
    • April 4, 2012

    It depends which way you went. If it went over moutain ranges then it would take more than just under the seabed.

    • sexy latina
    • April 4, 2012

    ok i tryed i m bad at math i hate it .


    • beagle_owner
    • April 4, 2012

    30-40 million. Thats a whole lot. I don’t think we will ever know the real correct answer to that. Maybe in the year 3030 when there is a new invention.

    • Noaahhh
    • April 4, 2012

    Circumference of earth – 24900 KM
    Six feet – 182.88 CM

    182.88 / 1000 = 0.18288
    0.18288 KM – 182.88 CM

    24900 / 0.18288 = 136154.85 dog leashes 😉

    • Fancys_Mamma
    • April 4, 2012

    My head hurts now

    • Syd
    • April 4, 2012

    I say 24million but thats just off the top of my head.

    • rhsaunders
    • April 4, 2012

    At 900 leashes to the mile (need a few inches for knot, y’know), and 25,000 miles around, about 22 million leashes.

    • season7780
    • April 4, 2012

    A whole latta leashes

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