The Pug Dog: Playful And Affectionate

The Pug Dog: Playful And Affectionate
by Jenny Donaldson

Having a can be a lot of fun. Pugs are considered a toy dog , with a medium-small body. They weigh between thirteen and twenty pounds, and stand from twelve to fourteen inches tall, generally never getting bigger than that. Pugs have a wrinkly face and large, dark eyes that truly adds to their attractiveness and cuddliness. When they are excited, their eyes light up and have a lot of expression in them.

Though they have often been used as companion because of their wonderful personalities, they have also been used as coach dogs and guard dogs. The name of Pug is said to have been derived from the Old English word Pugg, which was an affectionate word for a playful little devil or monkey. This dog is aptly named, if that is where it came from, as a Pug has a terrific personality.

The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1885. The Pug Dog Club of America was founded in 1931, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. He isn’t considered common, but is also isn’t rare. It is a favorite breed around the world.

Particularly during the first few years, Pugs have a tremendous amount of energy. They are often more difficult to train though, as they don’t enjoy the training sessions because they get bored with them. They tend to be very rambunctious, but they are also very playful with a great sense of .

The Pug breed is energetic, particularly in the early years. While they have a lot of energy, they are often a bit more difficult to train, as they don’t have a lot of patience for the repetitive training sessions required to be trained.

Pugs are not aggressive dogs, and while they enjoy going for walks, they are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and have a short nose which affects their breathing and limits how long they can spend outdoors exercising.

These things make it a great addition to a family. He will stay a smaller size, and to go for walks. While they aren’t the greatest at being trained, they do try hard to please and will be fun to have around in so many ways.

Pug dogs can be bought through a breeder, and preferably bought as a , while they are cute and small and can grow up in your family. A breeder can sell you one that is healthy and of good breeding.

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