What are good and reliable dog supplies?

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Question by Viper: What are and ?
I'm not too sure which brands are good. I will be adopting a in a and looking for some reliable, long lasting supplies. Like leashes, crates, etc. If anyone can help me who knows a little about them, please let me know. Thanks

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Answer by Fox Terrier
What kind of dog?

As far as collars go, I recommend Lupine collars


They have a lifetime replacement guarantee- so if they're ever damaged you get a new one, thats how good they are.

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    • stephanie
    • March 26, 2012

    Just go to a reputable pet store and get your supplies there- some might be a little pricey but it’s worth it
    don’t buy any collars or leash from a $ $ store or anything like that. But you can get dishes at the $ $ store…

    buy a kong for your dog, it helps them when they teeth and also gives them something to play with.

    i also recommend the ‘tuffy pet toys’. my husky loves his teddy and it’s the first toy he hasn’t completly demolished…

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