What are some fun games that you can play with your dog?

Question by Aηιмalѕ♥: What are fun that you can with your dog?
I have a dog that looks bored all the time, Does anyone have any good dog that will keep my dog happy? What type of games do dogs like to ? Any ideas? Thanks!
… I know how to play fetch with my dog, I want different games then fetch.

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    • │Sαrα│ When In Doubt, Call A Vet
    • March 23, 2012

    Teach your dog how to play Hide & Seek (yes, it’s a dog’s game too!) and how to catch a frisbee. You could also get in some Agility classes. I’m going to do agility with the next dog I get.

    • casey
    • March 23, 2012

    my dog loves the game of find it … i get her to sit in the kitchen and watch me take out some treats … i go and hide the treats around the living room and then call out find it … and she comes running … i count how many she has found and when there are no more i say no more and call her to me and tell her she is a good finder :O)

    • Danes Is Not A Teacup
    • March 23, 2012

    Agility. It’s loads of fun for both the dog and handler. Jumping, weaving, ducking, running. TONS of fun. Check with a local kennel club about starting classes.

    • Hailey
    • March 23, 2012

    Why don’t you teach your dog fetch. It could be a great game to not only play with your dog but with your family. So come on and lets head to your back yard to play a game of fetch!

    • Bobbie L
    • March 23, 2012

    Why not sign up for a couple of different classes? Call your dog’s breeder and they can refer you to your local kennel club. Kennel clubs hold obedience and agility classes on a regular basis. This is much better than teaching your dog stupid dog tricks, such as fetching, which only teaches your dog an obsessive behavior.

    • mike
    • March 23, 2012


    how to play: throw tennis ball across yard, dog runs after it and brings it back to you and repeat

    sometimes you have to chase them to get the ball back but they like it

    • Kitty
    • March 23, 2012

    haha i always feel like my dog looks bored all the time too. I take her outside and play fetch she loves that. Anything to do outside actually she loves. We play tag around my bushes but not all dogs would do that. Get a tug of war toy or some treats to train her. A dog wants nothing more than to please their owner so by learning, they are enjoying, even if you cant tell

    • USA lady
    • March 23, 2012

    dogs love balls, especially tennis balls. They love to catch and return them. They love frisbees. Teach him to fetch and return and he will play for hours.

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