I want to start my own small business selling dog accessories any idea of any suppliers?

Question by sezzie_24: I to my own any of any ?
I mainly want to sell leads and collars, the pretty ones with diamonds. Also dog clothes. I know that Japan is a good place to get such things from but I’ve no where to look.

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Answer by ascoile
I think you should have a look around Essex, sort of stuff the chavs round there would have.

A dog with (sorry wiv) a bit of bling look very nice.

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    • realfind2001
    • March 21, 2012

    Yes I found a great site with all kinds of pet things. http://www.chinadirectrading.com and http://www.hao.home.chinadirecttrading.com
    check it out they have a new feature called have and wants.
    it is free to buyers

    • mindee134
    • March 21, 2012

    First of all are you looking for a drop shipper or wholesaler? There are many scammers out there trust me I know first hand. I started an online business (2) years ago and did many hours of searching for products. I finally signed up with this one that is fantastic and delivers!
    I hope this helps! Good luck with your neww business venture.

    • RAY
    • March 21, 2012

    Start with setting up the business which will show suppliers that you are credible. So many start up entrepreneurs waste their time and everyone else’s with inquiries on pricing but have no business. Once you have a business license, tax ID and all of your legal permits taken care of you will be in better shape to negotiate with vendors. Once you have the proper paperwork you can find an array of vendors here and abroad that will be happy to work with you. Your local library should have a directory of wholesalers and manufacturers. Also, go to existing businesses and read the labels from the manufacturers. Many will tell you who produces them and where they are produced. You can also find local sources for products by hiring stay-at-home moms that can produce your own designs for you at a fraction of the cost of cheap labor plus overhead, distribution, packaging, and other costs. You can advertise with local vets, networking at pet shows, and online. Develop your own brand of uniqueness and quality. Let those superstores sell the mass produced clothing, leads and collars while you concentrate on establishing a local business giving credit to other home businesses who don’t have the same overhead as the “big boys” sponsoring employees, packaging, advertising and other costs. Don’t work hard… work smart! Get your business license as soon as you can and write a business plan. Keep all receipts from your purchasing and marketing attempts. Your own business will give you some amazing tax credits even if the business flops. Check with the SBA and Score for entreprenueral advice. The links are below:

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